Adult Enrichment


PODER is an immigrant integration center that prepares Spanish-speaking adults to seize opportunities in Chicago through comprehensive and tuition-free English (ESL), civic education and job training programs in Insurance and Banking.

Since 1997, PODER’s objective has been to empower Spanish-speaking adult immigrants to create successful and fulfilling new lives in the United States. Through a deep commitment to the needs of the immigrant communities on Chicago’s southwest side, PODER provides critical societal and workforce integration services with both immediate and long-term impact for families, communities, and employers throughout the City of Chicago.

Southwest Organzing Project

The Southwest Organzing Project works with several different programs and partners to provide adult enrichment. With the Sustainable Schools Initiative, Chicago Connected, and Parent Mentor Program, workshops for parents and adults are empowering, encourage personal development, build community and provide opportunities to learn more about themselves and their children.

Some of the workshops offered are:

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Family Engagement

  • Academic Success

  • Know Your Rights

  • Digital Literacy

  • Leadership Development

  • So much more!