Southwest System of Care


We're here to connect you with the resouces you need to be successful. The Southwest System of Care is based in six neighborhood schools across the southwest side of Chicago. We partner with service providers who work together to enable the whole and healthy development of children and families. Through these partnerships, and with our Community Navigators, we aim to build healthy and vibrant communities through relationship-building, collaboration, communication, access, and policy advocacy that better meets the needs of community residents.

If you'd like to be connected to resources, reach out to a Navigator!

The Southwest System of Care provides services to support:

Since September 2019, the Southwest System of Care has supported families with 4,296 connections to care!

The Southwest System of Care in action!

Our Leadership:

CLA Jessica Biggs, November 19, 2019. (Photo by Jean Lachat)

Jessica Biggs

Director, Southwest System of Care

Jasmine Serrano

Southwest System of Care Organizer

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